Welcome to Dr. Corinna Hawkes, LCIRAH Senior Advisor!

Dr. Corinna Hawkes is an LCIRAH Senior Advisor. Her current honorary role at LCIRAH involves providing advice on research direction and content, particularly regarding her specialty, non-communicable diseases. Prior to her current position as Head of Policy and Public Affairs at World Cancer Research Fund International, she worked with LCIRAH in a variety of ways including leading the DFID-funded mapping of agriculture-nutrition research. For download here.

Dr Hawkes has a B.Sc. in Geography from University of Bristol and a PhD in Geography from Kings College, University of London. The ecological focus of her PhD led to an interest on food systems, which she now combines with her main interest, food policy and public health. Dr Hawkes work on agriculture, food systems and health began at the International Food Policy Research Institute, where she was involved with initiating their research program on agriculture and health.

Corinna has extensive experience researching and advising international bodies and has published widely in the peer-reviewed literature.

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