LCIRAH researchers are currently engaged in these projects around the world:


Strengthening food nutrition security through family poultry and crop integration in Tanzania and Zambia (Jonathan Rushton, Richard Kock, RVC)

Agricultural development and malaria in Tororo, Uganda (Lucy Tusting, Jo Lines, LSHTM; Deborah Johnston, SOAS)

Tree foods, nutrition and food security in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso (Camilla Audia, Nigel Poole, SOAS; Alan Dangour, LSHTM)

Campylobacter contamination and control in the poultry meat food systems of Nairobi, Kenya (Joshua Onono, Maud Carron, Jonathan Rushton, Barbara Haesler, RVC)

Antimicrobial resistance in the Serengeti region of Tanzania: role of food and pharmaceutical value chains (Jonathan Rushton, Ruth Rushton, RVC)

Investigation of the relationship between livestock value chains and nutritional status of women and children: a pilot study in Kenya (Paula Dominguez-Salas, RVC, Elaine Ferguson, LSHTM, Barbara Häsler, RVC, Pablo Alarcon, RVC, Laura Cornelsen, LSHTM, and Jonathan Rushton, RVC)

Agriculture, food security, foodways and health in the Makhathini farming region of South Africa (Lizzie Hull, SOAS)

SUN and RAIN: An assessment of intersectoral policy and action for nutrition in Zambia (Jody Harris, SOAS, Bhavani Shankar, SOAS)

Voucher subsidy programmes in low-income countries: learning lessons from agriculture and health (Luke Harman, SOAS, Andrew Dorward, SOAS)

Women’s work and household food habits in northern Mozambique (Sara Stevano, SOAS, Deborah Johnston, SOAS, and Harry West, SOAS)

Agriculture & health in low-income countries: investigating farm, household & wider interactions in Sub-Saharan Africa (Stella Wambugu, SOAS, Andrew Dorward, SOAS, and Bhavani Shankar, SOAS)

Epidemiology, ecology and socio-economics of disease emergence in Nairobi (Pablo Alarcon Lopez, Jonathan Rushton, Barbara Häsler, Joshua Onono, RVC)


Can health and sustainable diets in India also be affordable? (Lukasz Aleksandrowicz, Rosie Green, Andy Haines, LSHTM)

Leveraging agriculture for nutrition in South Asia (LANSA), (Bhavani Shankar, Artemisa Flores-Martinez, SOAS; Alan Dangour, Suneetha Kadiyala, Nigel Poole, Elaine Ferguson, LSHTM)

Oil seeds, macroeconomics and health: a whole-economy model of India's tax policies (Soledad Cuevas, Marcus Keogh-Brown, LSTHM; Bhavani Shankar, SOAS)

Public investments, agricultural strategy and malnutrition in rural South Asia (Mehroosh Tak, Bhavani Shankar, SOAS)

Dietary patterns in the Philippines (Rosie Green, LSHTM)

The applicability of value chain approaches to address low fruit and vegetable consumption in Fiji (Emily Morgan, LSHTM, Karen Lock, LSHTM, and Alan Dangour, LSHTM)

Women's empowerment in agriculture and child nutritional status in Nepal (Kenda Cunningham, Suneetha Kadiyala, LSHTM)


Networking to enhance the use of economics in animal health education, research and policy making in Europe and beyond (NEAT), (Barbara HaeslerJonathan Rushton, RVC)

Providing a new generation of methodologies and tools for cost-effective risk-based animal health surveillance systems for the benefit of livestock producers, decision makers and consumers (RiskSur) (Barbara Haesler, RVC and Jonathan Rushton, RVC)

Political priority given to nutrition-related health in agricultural trade policy: A case study of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union (Helen Walls, LSHTM and Richard Smith, LSHTM)

The Impact of Brucellosis in Albania: Application of an Agri-food Systems Approach to Zoonoses (Mieghan Bruce, RVC, Jonathan Rushton, RVC, Javier Guitian, RVC, and Nigel Poole, SOAS)


Linkage of agricultural production, dietary intake and obesity: the case of Mexico (Rebecca Kanter, Alan Dangour, Ricardo Uauy, LSHTM)


Current and planned research on agriculture for health and nutrition: a mapping and gap analysis (Corinna Hawkes, Rachel Turner, LSTHM; Jeff Waage, SOAS)

Metrics for One Health benefits: key inputs to create an economic evidence base (Barbara Haesler, Jonathan Rushton, RVC; Laura Cornelsen, LSHTM; Bhavani Shankar, SOAS)

The Food Expenditure Ratio: a tool for monitoring the effects of changing food prices on food security and nutrition (Fiorella Piocchini, Andrew Dorward, SOAS; Elaine Ferguson, LSHTM)

Direct and indirect impact of food taxes and subsidies on food consumption and population health (Laura Cornelsen, LSHTM)

Public health impacts in urban environments of greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies (PURGE) (Rosie Green, LSHTM, Alan Dangour, LSHTM)

Rapid integrated assessment of food safety and nutrition (RIA) (Barbara Haesler, RVC and Jonathan Rushton, RVC)

Impact evaluation of agricultural trade policy on health and nutrition (Helen Walls, LSHTM and Richard Smith, LSHTM)

Income elasticity for direct and indirect demand of food grains (Laura Cornelsen, LSHTM and Andrew Dorward, SOAS)

Worldwide review of food price elasticities (Laura Cornelsen, LSHTM, Rosie Green, LSHTM, Alan Dangour, LSHTM, Bhavani Shankar, SOAS, and Richard Smith, LSHTM)

Case studies on the transformation of traditional knowledge into international commodities - the link between traditional medicines in India and European distribution (Anthony Booker, UCL School of Pharmacy, Michael Heinrich, UCL School of Pharmacy, and Deborah Johnston, SOAS)

Systematic review of the impact of international trade policy on food trade, nutrition and health (Helen Walls, Laura CornelsenRichard Smith, LSHTM) [Protocol]

Finished projects

Can nutrition be promoted through agriculture-led food price policy? A systematic review (Alan Dangour, Emily Morgan, LSHTM; Jeff Waage, Bhavani Shankar, SOAS)

Exploring drivers of undernutrition across space (states) and time in India (Elisa Cavatorta, SOAS and Bhavani Shankar, SOAS)