Providing a New Generation of Methodologies and Tools for Cost-Effective Risk-Based Animal Health Surveillance Systems for the Benefit of Livestock Producers, Decision Makers and Consumers (RiskSur)


Barbara Haesler, Jonathan Rushton




While the need for state-of-the art, efficient animal health surveillance for effective management of zoonotic, foodborne, and production diseases is widely recognized, the investment in such systems is limited due to significant financial budget pressures in many countries.

Project details

This project funded by the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union (project number 310806) aims to develop decision support tools for the design of cost-effective risk-based surveillance systems that can be applied in a variety of socio-economic contexts from a national and global perspective.

These interdisciplinary tools will contribute to improved protection of human health, increased output of the livestock sector, and better linking of animal and human health surveillance systems.

The project includes the development of a generic conceptual framework and novel scientific methods for designing surveillance systems.  The framework and new methods will then be evaluated through a range of case studies for selected surveillance systems in different countries. The transfer of knowledge and technology to key policy and industry stakeholders is facilitated through the development of tools assisting the implementation of the systems. Results are not yet available.


Dirk Pfeiffer (RVC, PI), various RVC researchers from the Veterinary Epidemiology, Economics and Public Health Group and a consortium of 11 other EU partners

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