Networking to Enhance the Use of Economics in Animal Health Education, Research and Policy Making in Europe and Beyond (NEAT)


Barbara Haesler, Jonathan Rushton




This Erasmus funded project (No. 527855-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-ERASMUS-ENW) aims to strengthen the economic skills required by the animal health profession to improve understanding of the emergence and re-emergence of foodborne, zoonotic, and production diseases and what mitigation activities will optimise resource allocation in the livestock food sector.

Project details

The consortium seeks to enhance educational and training materials, and the capacity to deliver these materials at undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing professional educational levels.

The greater use of economics in the animal health profession helps to identify and define drivers of disease risks and improve resource allocation for their mitigation.

The project includes a literature review and survey to map current teaching and training activities of economics applied to animal health, an assessment of present and future needs of end users by means of a survey and workshop, a gap analysis, and the development and dissemination of enhanced and/or new educational materials for undergraduate, postgraduate and professional development students and teachers.

An important focus is to foster networking opportunities; knowledge exchange, production and advancement; expertise and capacity building; and definition of new approaches through interdisciplinary collaboration.  Results are not yet available.


58 partners from 28 Lifelong Learning Programme countries and 9 third countries in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Australasia

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