The Impact of Brucellosis in Albania: Application of an Agri-food Systems Approach to Zoonoses


Mieghan Bruce, Jonathan Rushton, Javier Guitian, Nigel Poole




Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease that has considerable impact on human health and livestock productivity, as well as wider socioeconomic consequences.

Project details

There are known technical solutions to reduce disease transmission; yet current Albanian government control efforts have been largely ineffective despite the commitment of significant resources.

This project explores the application of an agri-food system approach to investigate the social, political and economic determinants of brucellosis and its control in Albania.

A conceptual framework has been developed to describe brucellosis within an agri-food system.  The application of this framework integrates a qualitative appraisal of risk perceptions and behaviour associated with zoonotic disease with quantitative data of disease epidemiology, livestock management practices and economic impact.

Several components to this project are currently being conducted (i) an economic analysis of the brucellosis control strategy, (ii) a case-control study to identify important risk factors for human disease specific to Albania, (iii) network analysis of animal movement through a livestock market and (iv) an evaluation of the intrinsic and extrinsic barriers to effective disease control using interviews with farmers, butchers, veterinarians and brucellosis patients.

Results are not yet available.