Direct and indirect impact of food taxes and subsidies on food consumption and population health


Laura Cornelsen




In this MRC-funded Fellowship project Dr Laura Cornelsen will be analysing the potential of fiscal policies to reduce the prevalence of non-communicable disease related to unhealthy food consumption in the UK.

Project details

Currently many countries are considering introducing or already have introduced (e.g. France, Mexico, Finland, Hungary) specific taxes on sugar sweetened beverages or other foods high in sugar, salt or saturated fat content.

The potential of these taxes in the UK is being increasingly debated with new research showing some positive health effects arising from such taxes.  

With this project new insight into the area will be gained through analyses of asymmetries and non-linearities in the consumers response to price increases (taxes) or decreases (subsidies) including both own- and cross-price effects.

Furthermore, through a Discrete Choice Experiment the importance of price in consumption decisions will be tested alongside other drivers of demand such as habits, taste and convenience.