Agriculture & Health: Farm Households and Wider Interactions in Sub-Saharan Africa


Stella Wambugu, Andrew Dorward, Bhavani Shankar




There is limited information on critical agriculture, nutrition, health, welfare and economic growth linkages, while the world faces major poverty, food security and related health challenges. 

Project details

This study aims to extend methodological approaches in modelling and understanding farm household and rural economy behaviour, specifically responses to and impacts of health status changes with integrated analysis of seasonal financial constraints, risks and uncertainties inherent in smallholder agriculture in low income economies.

The study will make use of core data sets from the World Bank’s national 'Living Standards Measurement Study- Integrated Surveys on Agriculture' programme in three countries (Tanzania, Malawi, and/or Uganda).

Methods for this study include econometric analysis of household survey data using a non-separable farm household model. Further analysis will be done using rural household and economy models with partial equilibrium analysis of agriculture-health linkages through food and labour markets. Results are not yet available.