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Thalia Sparling


IMMANA Programme

Thalia is a postdoctoral fellow with the IMMANA Programme.

Thalia Sparling

She uses implementation data from a complex nutrition program to analyze pathway indicators from the theory of change and explores methods to improve delivery and uptake, including course correction and quantitative process evaluation.

She is now working on a synthesis project for the IMMANA programme to summarize tools, metrics and methods that have been developed and applied to study agriculture-nutrition linkages in the last 10 years.

Thalia holds a PhD from the University of Heidelberg’s Institute of Public Health. Her dissertation examined the association of food access, diet and nutrition with depression in women of reproductive age, particularly in Bangladesh.

Prior to this, she worked in South Sudan as a Technical Advisor to the South Sudan Guinea Worm Eradication Program with the Carter Center. Thalia holds a MPH from Columbia University, and a BA from Smith College.

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