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Niko Dadios

  • RVC

Department of Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Niko is Lecturer in Production Animal Health and Food Safety at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). His main area of expertise is the production of safe animal products through healthy animals and he is very interested in new, more sustainable and animal welfare friendly systems of animal farming.

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Niko Dadios

Niko graduated as a veterinarian from Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1997. After a short time in mixed practice clinical work, Niko moved to the UK in 2001 to work as Official Veterinarian in the supervision of meat producing establishments.

In 2003 he completed his MSc in Food Technology & Quality Assurance at the University of Reading. Since then he has worked in many different roles and capacities in the farming and meat industries, and also in related research programmes at the RVC. He has long experience in meat production and quality, food legislation and enforcement, and farm animal welfare.

He is now working on the better understanding of the complexities of food production and supply chain systems in general, and the drivers behind these systems in particular, as well as their sustainability and environmental impact. Niko is also very interested in novel and alternative sources of animal protein for human food and animal feed.

Niko is the co-author of a number of scientific reports and other publications, some of which have led to changes of EU legislation on meat inspection.

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