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Nigel Poole

  • SOAS

Centre for Development, Environment and Policy

Nigel trained originally in agricultural sciences and later switched into socioeconomics. He has taught and researched international agricultural development, natural resources, agribusiness, food systems and nutrition.

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Nigel Poole DSC_2076

He is finalising research outputs from a recently completed DFID Research Programme ‘Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia’, with responsibility for agri-food value chain work in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Nigel also leads the Afghan work on agriculture and nutrition policies.

He has worked on projects in Central and South America, Sub Saharan Africa, and South-East Asia, collaborating with a wide range of local organisations and policymakers. He has just completed work on a small project evaluating DFID’s Open Access Policy and is currently Chairman of the Centre for Tropical Agricultural Research and Education (CATIE) in Costa Rica.

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