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Mat Hennessey

  • RVC

Department of Pathobiology and Population Sciences

Mat is a veterinarian with over ten years’ experience in clinical practice. In 2017-2018 he undertook as master’s degree in One Health (Infectious Diseases) at the RVC and LSHTM.

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After graduating he began to work as a research assistant on a variety of projects investigating food safety, antibiotic use and resistance, and agricultural economics. His main area of interest lies with the application of multidisciplinary/One Health approaches to reduce antibiotic usage.

He has worked in Vietnam, Bangladesh and India. Currently, he is currently working on a joint RVC, LSHTM, and Liver Foundation project investigating antibiotic supply and value chains in West Bengal. The aim of the project is to develop community led antibiotic stewardship interventions to reduce and refine antibiotic usage, in order to, hopefully, help to mitigate the impact of antibiotic resistance.

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