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Lukasz Aleksandrowicz


Department of Population Health

Lukasz just completed his PhD with LSHTM and LCIRAH, working on the topic of sustainable diets in India.

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His research is interdisciplinary, combining nutritional, health, environmental, and economic data, and examines how dietary choice can be a strategy for improving environmental and health outcomes in the country.

Lukasz works full-time as Portfolio Manager for the Wellcome Trust’s Our Planet, Our Health programme, and looks after funding operations and strategy within our team’s focus area of global environmental change and population health.

Prior to the PhD, he worked in various parts of global health research, including on the Indian Million Death Study, leading development of new tools and methods for tracking mortality in low-resource settings. He has a range of interests in public health, and has worked on a number of health and nutrition challenges with MSF, WHO, LSHTM, and the Global Panel on Agricultural and Food Systems for Nutrition.

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