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Lauren Blake

  • University of Bristol

School of Veterinary Sciences

Lauren has a background in anthropology and human geography.

Lauren Blake

With an interdisciplinary approach, her interests are on food systems, food security, sustainability, malnutrition, activism, policy, food politics and identity, gender, one health, and farmers and their environments.

Currently, she’s a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol, working on the project POR EL Páramo (POst-conflict Reconciliation of Environment and Livelihoods in Boyacá Páramo) in Colombia (

Previously, Lauren was a member of LCIRAH based at the RVC, primarily coordinating and delivering the interdisciplinary food systems training programme, (IFSTAL).

She’s conducted research in Guatemala on malnutrition intervention programmes and gender, and British and international food activist movements and policy. In addition, she’s focused on the role of social science and qualitative methods within food systems related research, and at the RVC was involved in research within the areas of antimicrobial resistance, livestock farming and zoonoses.

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