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Elaine Ferguson


Department of Population Health

Elaine Ferguson is a public heath nutritionist with expertise in nutritional assessment methodology, micronutrients and the development of decision-making tools to inform nutrition programmes / policy with a special interest in the intersection of agriculture- food-systems- in relation to food-based strategies to improve nutrition.


She has extensive research networks in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. She is on the technical advisory group of the International Dietary Data Expansion Project, is a member of the Consortium of Nutrition modellers and is a FHI360 consultant on dietary assessment methodology for national nutrition surveys in low-middle-income countries (LMICs).

Her current research includes the development and validation of innovative tools to assess diet and women’s activity, the development of a decision-making tool to inform agriculture programmes, agronomic biofortification, the delineation of host-environment influences on stunting, gender-sensitive agroforestry / food-based strategies for indigenous Amazonian populations and the influence of snack consumption on child nutrition in LMICs.

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