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Aurélia Lepine


Department of Global Health and Development

Aurélia is a development economist and has been studying health behaviours of vulnerable groups over the last ten years.

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After receiving her PhD in Economics from the University of Otago in New Zealand, she joined the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine as a postdoctoral researcher working there for seven years before joining the Institute for Global Health at University College London in 2019.

Her research aims to understand behaviours in order to improve the design of health policies in low-income countries. She uses quasi-experimental designs, lab-in-the field experiments and randomised controlled trials to estimate the behavioural response to health policies and to identify the factors of health and well-being among vulnerable groups in low-income countries.

Her research interest focuses on health of vulnerable women globally and encompass several areas of global health (HIV/AIDS, nutrition, family planning and mental health). She is currently a Principal Investigator for a project funded by the Gates Foundation that aims to investigate the drivers of animal source food among women living in slums in Kenya and their children. For part of this project, she is developing a new measure of women’s bargaining power in the lab in order to investigate the association between women’s empowerment and child nutritional status.

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