FREE Open-access Nutrition Course Launched

LSHTM has launched an open-access distance learning course "Programming for Nutrition Outcomes". As part of the UK Government’s efforts to help in addressing global undernutrition, the Department for International Development (DfID) supported LSHTM to develop this distance-learning module. In this module are four core sessions on global nutrition including:

  • the scale of global nutrition issues
  • undernutrition's causes and consequences
  • nutritional status assessment
  • and the international landscape for nutrition programming. 

Additional information on nutrition-related themes include sessions on health, humanitarian affairs, livelihoods, and social development. Examples of topics to covered include:

  • maternal and child nutrition (including in emergency situations)
  • nutrition and infection
  • agriculture, climate change and biofortification
  • social protection for nutritional outcomes.

This online module is an Open Educational Resource and is therefore free to download from the LSHTM website

There is not tutorial support and this module is not part of any degree programme. However, LSHTM nutrition experts and the wider nutrition community have developed the materials.

Additional information:

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