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LCIRAH Conference 2013

Developing methods in agriculture and health research.


13-14th June 2013, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT

The 3rd LCIRAH Annual conference will focus on methodological and integrative aspects of research in agriculture and health. The conference will feature the work of researchers in nutrition, economics, anthropology, veterinary science and related fields engaged in agri-health research. It aims at offering the opportunity for exchange of ideas, while provinding a space for discussion and initiating new projects across disciplines.

The 3rd LCIRAH Annual Conference aims at fostering collaboration between researchers and will offer workshops targeted to early career researchers.

We welcome the submission of research projects that explicitly draw links between agriculture and health from both developing and developed countries and fall into one of the following broad themes:

  • Climate change, food and health
  • Food value chains and health
  • Food-borne diseases and health
  • Agriculture, changing food consumption and health

LCIRAH 3rd Annual Conference: Conference Report

LCIRAH 3rd Annual Conference: Programme


Keynote lecture
John McDermott (CGIAR A4NH)

Monitoring and Evaluating the Food Security and Nutrition Effects of Agricultural Projects
Anna Herforth (FAO and World Bank)

What happens to the pattern of food consumption when food prices change? Evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis of food cross-price elasticities globally
Laura Cornelsen (LCIRAH)

Undernutrition disparities among Indian states: counterfactual decomposition of gaps using quantile regressions
Elisa Cavatorta (LCIRAH)

Examining the effect of Climate Variability on Under-Five Children’s Nutrition Status in Malawi
Andrew Jamali (National Statistical Office, Malawi)

Climate change, crop production and child malnutrition in Ethiopia; 1996-2004: A panel data analysis
Seifu Gebreyesus (Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia)

Biofortification, crop adoption and health information: Impact pathways in Mozambique and Uganda
Alan de Brauw (International Food Policy Research Institute, USA)

Applications of experimental auction mechanisms and sensory evaluation methods to understand consumer acceptance of biofortified staple crops: Evidence from India and Nigeria
Adewale Oparinde (International Food Policy Research Institute, USA)

Linking household food production, access and security with diet and nutritional status in rural Nepal: Design and methods of a national assessment (PoSHAN Community Studies)
Swetha Manohar (John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA)

A cluster randomised controlled trial on the effect of plant based homestead Food Production (HFP) with and without small-scale aquaculture on nutritional outcomes in rural Cambodia: rationale and study design
Timothy Green (University of British Columbia, Canada)

‘Shamba Maisha’: Pilot agricultural intervention on food security and HIV health outcomes in Kenya
Craig Cohen (University of California San Francisco, USA) and Elly Weke (Kenya Medical Research Institute)

Design of a randomised control trial examining the impact of school feeding on nutrition, education, agriculture and other social outcomes in Ghana
Aulo Gelli (Imperial College, UK)

Measuring Household Level Integration of Nutrition and Agriculture: A Multidimensional Index
Melissa Antal (The Manoff Group)

Nutrition Causal Analysis (NCA): proposition for an innovative, standardised, participatory and holistic methodology
Julien Chalimbaud (Action Contre la Faim, France)

Functional Dietary Diversity: an ecological method and its application in nutrition
Fabrice de Clerck (Bioversity International)

Agriculture, livelihoods, decision-making and food consumption in the Makhathini farming region of South Africa
Lizzie Hull (LCIRAH)

Application of Eco-health Approach to Access Poultry Production Cluster (PPC) In South East Asia– focus on Research Methodology
Edi Basuno (Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia)

An Integrated Monitoring System for Ecosystem Services and Human Health in African Agricultural Landscapes
Roseline Remans (Columbia University, USA)

Integrating food safety and nutrition assessments in livestock and fish value chains
Barbara Haesler (LCIRAH)

From cattle to consumers: integrating methodologies to investigate zoonotic disease risks along dairy value chains in Tanzania
Georgia Ladbury (University of Glasgow, UK)