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Besides upcoming events, you can access here the full set of LCIRAH and ANH Academy conference resources since 2011. These contain seminal presentations across the recent history of interdisciplinary research on agriculture, nutrition and health.

In 2011, LCIRAH began to organise annual international conferences in London to help develop and support a global community of researchers in this new area. In 2016, we took this successful model and joined with the new IMMANA programme and the CGIAR Agriculture for Nutrition and Health programme to go truly global through a new Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy.

Annual ANH Academy Week meetings, now continue the annual research conferences, with additional capacity building activities. They are held alternatively between Africa and Asia. Through the tabs below you can access summary reports and individual presentations for all our conferences since 2011.

ANH Academy Week 2020

23 - 25 June - Learning Labs

30 June - 2 July - Research Conference


ANH Academy Week 2019

24 - 28 June - Hyderabad, India

ANH Academy Week 2018

25 – 29 June - Accra, Ghana

ANH Academy Week 2017

9-13 July Kathmandu, Nepal

ANH Academy Week 2016

21-24 June - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

LCIRAH Conference 2015

Agri-health research: what have we learned and where to next?

LCIRAH Conference 2014

Agri-food policy and governance for nutrition and health.

LCIRAH Conference 2013

Developing methods in agriculture and health research.

LCIRAH Conference 2012

The role of agricultural and food systems research in combating chronic disease for development.

LCIRAH Workshop 2011

Measuring the effects of Agri-Health interventions.